Capture More Qualified Leads from Your Activations. 

Our proprietary lead capture system features an easy-to-use interface – strategically and creatively designed to compliment your specific brand voice – optimized to attract, inspire and delight consumers.

The flexibility of our platform allows you to tailor questions specific to each property – strategically influenced by event KPIs, anticipated throughput, target audience, display type, etc.

Not a Template. So Every Design Is Unique and Customized.

Whether it's a simple form fill before playing a game or complex drivers license scanning for ride and drives, we have the tools you need. 


  • Dynamic Branching Logic
  • Multilingual Options
  • Real-Time Data Validation
  • Driver’s License Scanning
  • Digital Signature Waivers
  • 25+ CRM Integrations

Why MoZeus?

On the strength of over a billion data points, MoZeus helps brand and agency partners leverage the influence of technology and innovation – inside the activation space and beyond – to engage consumers when, where and how they want to be engaged.


Our industry-leading, white-label engagement platform has been proven to drive targeted audience engagement, relevance, emotional connection and, ultimately, action.

"MoZeus provided the right solution at the right time, and at the right budget.”

Daniel LouieDaniel LouieKIA

"Whether it is helping drive innovation, ensuring accurate data capture and transfer, or providing extraordinary customer service, MoZeus has been everything we could have asked for in an agency partner."

Byrce KiserByrce KiserCountry Financial

"Of the many vendors we work with for data integration, we can state without reservation that MoZeus is the most technically competent and easiest to work with. They are diligent, collaborative, and earnest with every project they undertake.”

Andy PlaxAndy PlaxNetwork Ninja

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