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Why You Need To Know More About Chatbots

80% of companies want to integrate chatbots by 2020, so let’s find out why.

To clarify, chatbots are programs that have the ability to communicate with people over the internet. Have you ever been sent to a chatroom after experiencing an issue with purchasing a product? That was a chatbot you complained to. Have you ever held down the home button on your iPhone to ask Siri a necessary yet not so intelligent question? She’s a chatbot too!

One of the great things about chatbots is that they’re basically fail-free. BI Intelligence Online conducted a study in which 60% of consumers said that they have left an intended purchase incomplete due to a poor customer service experience, but with Chatbots, a company eliminates the risk of an agent unable to please a customer. So, even if you get unreasonably angry at Siri, her lack of emotion will prevent her from yelling at you back. You’re basically ensuring a happy customer and stress free operator.

Another advantage is the speed of chatbots. Imagine someone sitting behind a computer literally non-stop, answering millions of people at a time. Hard to imagine, right? Companies take 10 hours on average to respond to a private message, whereas bots provide that instantaneous response that customers are looking for when they have an issue.

In addition, chatbots usually don’t require their own apps since they’re integrated into a brand’s app, like Facebook, Whatsapp, and others that can be used to order food, clothing, gifts, etc. Not needing to download an app makes customers that much more likely to use chatbots. Chatbots can also be linked to social media platforms, so instead of tapping on icons and being redirected to new pages, you can tell the bot what you’re looking for. This helps with finding items that are on sale, determining what exactly you’ve piled up in your online shopping cart, or hunting down any items specific to your needs.

When a company wants to send a message to all of their subscribers, it has to reach each and every platform that their consumers use. Incorporating chatbots would ensure that all subscribers are aware of what you want them to know, with limited human labor involved. Instead of posting an announcement or update on all social media sites separately, a chatbot can provide a consistent message across all platforms. And of course it helps that chatbots can be interlinked to multiple other apps, rapidly responding to any customer questions that might require an outside source.

Overall, chatbots are an easy new way to spice up your company. They get consumer attention, don’t require too much effort, respond to queries right away, and best of all, prevent angry customers!


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