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Why You Need Custom Animojis At Your Next Event

Well folks, it’s 2018 and there are no flying cars or jetpacks…but worry not, Apple has blessed us with the next best thing: Animojis.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock,  you’ve seen these hilarious, 3D animated emojis available to Apple’s iPhone X users. Utilizing it’s TrueDepth camera capabilities to map your exact head turns and facial movements – with astounding accuracy, I might add – these animated characters can be used to create short, AR-bolstered clips of talking animals, aliens, robots, poop (yes, poop), and much more.

We’ve come so far.

The virality of these hypnotic animations make them a perfect fit for an epic, brand experience. Giving brands a way to join consumer conversations, rather than interrupt them, will have consumers instantly and voluntarily sharing their branded selves.

Here are a few MoZeus thought-starters for how you can get onboard with the marketing fun and create your own at your next event:

Animoji Mascots

Choose your favorite sports team and record some good ol’ fashioned smack talk to send and share with friends. Final clips can be saved directly into one’s camera roll for instant sharing over and over (And if you’re a Patriots fan: over and over and over and over and over and over again).

Animoji Karaoke/Music Videos

Marry popular tunes or branded jingles with Animoji animations to give consumers an experience that will have them laughing just as hard as we did watching this mash-up to the song Hooked On a Feeling:

Award-winning content right there.

 Animoji Face Replace

Weird is the new cool – and people of all ages are not afraid to be goofy, especially among friends and family. If you don’t believe me, just open up Snapchat and check out the Taco Head filter and Dancing Hotdog. Using a combination of TrueDepth capabilities, place the Animoji on the consumer’s body – replacing their face – and turn them into a whole new (weird) character.

For more information on creating custom animojis for your next event or campaign, please e-mail

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