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Why “Why” is the best place to start

The Marketing 360 conference was held in L.A. this past Tuesday.  The conference is produced by Automotive News and featured the marketing heads from Hyundai, Honda and Infiniti.

For starters, all of the marketers talked about how their communication and marketing approach is pivoting. No longer will you see product centric-only ads and campaigns…now it is about creating emotional connectivity to the consumer. And to illustrate this shifted paradigm, David Mead “Start with Why” was the keynote speaker:

Here are a few of the cases where the pivoted strategy was demonstrated succesfully:

  • Hyundai: (Superbowl commercial) – 27 million YouTube views
  • Honda: (Superbowl commercial)
  • Infiniti: focused on the fan – bracket challenges, coaches racing, etc…

The common theme shared was to “lead with the why”. Traditionally, brands have focused product communication this way:

Step 1: Identify the What – “We have heads up technology…lane detection…front/rear cameras…etc”

Step 2: Identify the How – “It keeps you safer. It provides more comforts”

Step 3: Identify the Why – “Want to buy one?”

Kind of a boring approach…

Now, the auto brands are identifying the “Why” first. And instead of just having the Why be purely transactional, they are focusing on what their purpose or cause is.

So for Hyundai and their Superbowl campaign…

The Why was recognizing members of the US Military and providing them with an opportunity to be connected with their families live (they are at the Superbowl).

Now the How is: By 360 video and live immersion into the Superbowl stadium, the soldier feels like they are at the game with their family

Now the What is: Hyundai is a brand that cares. You can trust Hyundai to do the right thing.

So, what is your “Why”.  What is the purpose or cause that you are most passionate about?

Bill Sluben is our resident brand solution mastermind at MoZeus Worldwide. He may or may not have “ROI” tattooed somewhere. Born and raised in the north, the Slubenator left for the warmer rays of Atlanta to work on the 1996 Olympics, and never looked back. Despite the southern migration, Bill is a Yankee at heart and loves his UCONN Huskies and NE Patriots.