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Experiential marketing is wide open to anyone who’s looking to generate leads. Every brand has the potential to employ creativity and technology at their next event. Tools are now more convenient than ever, with data collection and social engagement reaching revolutionary status in recent years. Your next photo or video program could become the next viral hit.

What goes into a successful event? If you have a great idea with a clear objective you’ve got a good start. Bill Gates said, “Content is King”, and look at him: He’s a giving humanitarian and his company truly cares about its clients. When you present your business as a valuable one and back it up, consumers will take notice. Unsurprisingly, incentives are a popular way of driving conversions.

When you have more experience, a well-planned program has fewer hiccups. You have weighed what you want as a company versus what a typical consumer wants. You have prepared for scenarios where things go wrong and tested that things work well beforehand. Even simple programs benefit from being in the company of programs with more complex requirements.

Working at MoZeus has given me the opportunity to use my design skills. Sometimes I do stylistic work and sometimes I solve code problems. Being on a team means having people to rely on who have faced similar challenges.

Kurt PachingerI am a scrappy lil upstart with a limited ability to predict how that affects others. My growing appreciation for coffee and rummage sales came at a price.