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What In The World Is A “Mo-Pho”?

Having grown up with social media embedded into our DNA, we millennials find ourselves trying to manage and reconcile both our personal and digital life on a daily basis. It’s become an individual’s way of telling his or her own personal story. I like to think of my Instagram as more than just a medium to share photos, but as an extension of my identity. With over 300 million daily active users, this makes Instagram one of the most coveted content outlets for brands and marketers. So how do marketers get us to share their branded content on such a highly-personal outlet?

Your answer is motion photos, or “mo-pho’s”, as I like to call them. The millennial in me likes to shorten every word to as few letters as possible, because the alphabet is sooo 20th century. Motion photos allow you to choose one aspect of a photo and make it animated. It is a living moment that exists within a static photo; bringing an image to life and making it last forever.

As attention spans get shorter, boredom becomes inevitable. Why do you think Snapchat introduced animated filters? Because the regular selfie just wasn’t enough. Why do you think Bitmoji is gaining popularity? Because why use a basic emoji when you can make your own bigger and better one? This is exactly why MoZeus created motion photos; to make your average photo THAT MUCH COOLER.

I like to think of my social media pages as my personal real estate. I’m not going to sell a brand any real estate unless it is unique, creative and most of all contributes to my story. Motion photos capture personal experiences in a way that a static photo just can’t. Use motion photos at your next event and sit back and watch your social media shares increase, while building a loyal network of online brand ambassadors in the process.



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