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What Do MoZeus Worldwide and KIA Have In Common?

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the KIA automotive assembly plant. Surprisingly, I found that the plant is run a lot like MoZeus Worldwide. At MoZeus, one of our most important values is providing a quality product to our clients. As an account manager, I am very involved in this process from start to finish. While touring KIA’s plant, I noticed huge banners everywhere that said things like “Perfection before Production,” “Do it Right the First Time”, and “Qualitivity = Quality + Productivity”. These are all signs that could easily hang from the MoZeus walls. In fact, our CTO has already curated an impressive collection of motivation quotes, posters and signs around our headquarters.

At the plant, every 50th part is pulled off of the line for quality testing. This ensures that if there is any kind of problem, it is contained within fifty parts and the issue can be corrected. Additionally, “keepers” stand at specific points along the assembly line. The keepers check every single car to ensure quality. Should an issue make it through quality testing and the keeper, every single line worker has the ability to pull a cord and halt production until the issue is resolved. Every single car is taken to the test track to ensure that no vehicle leaves the plant unless it is in perfect condition.

MoZeus doesn’t have a test track, but we do have processes in place to make sure that a program doesn’t launch unless it is in perfect condition. From our development team, to our implementation team, to our account management team, any worker has the ability to “pull a cord” to stop the program if we see an issue. Every single program is tested dozens of times to ensure quality. We “stress test” our programs to ensure that issues are found at our headquarters, and not at the client’s event. Our goal at MoZeus is to deliver a perfect product every single time. All of the testing we do ensures that this happens. Every single person is responsible for making sure that this happens.

We may not have an assembly line, but our quality processes are just as strong as what I saw at the plant. “Qualitivity” is definitely a MoZeus core value, but even more important is the team work. You can’t build a car without an entire team of people, and you can’t build a Mozeus program without an entire team as well. Our team is devoted to producing a quality product by working together as an efficient assembly line, and you can see it in the 300+ programs we create every year.

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