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Welcome Back, Dad.

In the early days of advertising, Dads were the bread winners. The patriarch of the family. The Honey-I’m-Home-With-The-Bacon-All-American-heroes. Somewhere we lost that. Dad’s became the bumbling idiot that couldn’t get the kids ready for school. Mom knew best, and dad was the goofy sidekick that couldn’t make dinner. But all that is changing now.

FT_16.06.14_fathersDay_time_useMega-brands like Cheerios, Dove and McDonalds are putting dad back in the spot light. In 2016, Dads are just as likely as moms to say that parenting is extremely important to their identity. 57% of fathers say as much, compared with 58% of mothers. 54% of dads report that parenting is rewarding all of the time, as do 52% of moms. Some 46% of fathers and 41% of mothers say they find parenting enjoyable all of the time.

The number of stay-at-home dads has doubled in the last 25 years. Although, half of Americans (51%) think that a child is better off with a mother at home and just 8% say a child is better off with a stay-at-home father.

The Dadvertising trend has been gaining momentum for quite some time now, as brands struggle to gain market share among millennial fathers. I spent the last few years in the CPG market where I watched fathers and men in general have a huge impact on everything from advertising to product development. Men’s personal care products have been popping up on the shelves lately. Companies like Dollar Shave Club are capitalizing on the demand for moderately priced yet unique men’s products. Birch Box offers a men’s monthly subscription as well as their women’s make-up sampler.

As the trend continues, we are looking at ways to incorporate dads into event marketing. We encourage brands to leverage live leaderboards at events, linked with physical challenges and games. We also suggest that brands look at the range of new mobile options that we offer. Millennial dads are more likely to own several devices, which makes them prime candidates for cross-device microsites that allow them to register, play games, win prizes and interact with their favorite brands.

Overall, expect to see a rise in millennial dads expectations for marketing initiatives tailored for them. Experiential activations included.

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