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VidCon 2017: 5 Unique Activations We Missed!

VidCon is the largest online video convention in the world. And if you’re an avid YouTube watcher like myself then I’m sure youv’e heard about it one way or another. Since it’s start in 2010, VidCon has become a place where creators, industry leaders, and all around video lovers come together to immerse themselves in the online video culture. It’s an ideal setting for attendees to meet fellow creators, grow their following, participate in panels, & build lasting connections with others in the online video community.

However, VidCon is not only for the content creators. Brands flock to this convention every year to create shareable moments that people will remember. Using bad ass activations, booths, and pop-ups, it’s a great place to establish brand/influencer relationships as well as see some dope experiential marketing!

Here’s some cool activations from this years convention:

  1. The AwesomenessTV ball pit! Featuring 20,000 balls, users were recorded in slow motion as they free-fell backwards into the pit. It’s like a 90’s McDonalds Playhouse for adults. (Photo by Matt Masin, Orange County Register, SCNG)
  2. Along with the ball pit AwesomenessTV also had a 42-foot tall Ferris Wheel! Cabins were complete with iPads providing passengers ideal selfie opportunities and some of the best views of VidCon.
  3. Taco Bell’s Fantasy Freeze activation welcomed attendees to create their own yummy slushies. The frozen soft drink is delivered via conveyor-belt. Attendees could then assemble their drinks with gummies, sour candies, whipped cream and more. The perfect treat to combat that Anaheim, California heat!
  4. NBC’s action packed series American Ninja Warrior hit the scene as well. Giving some serious parkour vibes with a warped wall, convention-goers took turns running and climbing to the top! Easy right? Probably not! This is nothing compared to what show contenders face. Nevertheless, I’m sure it’s exciting for a lot of us non obstacle course runners.
  5. The Nickelodeon Arcade was for sure one of the most popular activations. Complete with retro and retro-inspired games like SpongeBob Whack-A-Mole, Cruis’n Exotica, & Skee Ball, attendees were able to relive childhood moments through interactive games and slime… Because Nickelodeon wouldn’t be Nickelodeon without slime! Also, an open casting call was hosted in hopes of finding their next television star. (Photo by Matt Masin, Orange County Register, SCNG)


I think it’s safe to say that VidCon was chuck full of cool activations and I hate that we missed out. Although I’m sure I won’t be in attendance next year I’m excited to see what campaigns will be brought to life.

Katie WalkerKatie is the Creative Marketing Coordinator and a recent Georgia Tech grad. She is the resident cat-lover and can usually be found with a book in hand.