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Using Experiential Marketing Data to Create Personalized Email Campaigns

In 1999, email marketing was easy. Every consumer opened every email. “You’ve Got Mail” announced the arrival and whether it was a Y2K party invite, or a limited time offer, it was read.

Flash forward to the present, I have 38,784 unread emails (probably 40 more just while writing this) and unless something catches my attention, I am not opening your email. According to a the August 2017 Liveclicker report, behavioral targeting delivers an almost 8% increase in email revenue and 55% of consumers state that they like email marketing offers that include relevant products and offers.

It’s no marketing secret that personalization in email marketing leads to better open rates, click rates and an overall more successful email campaign. So, how can we capitalize on our live interactions with consumers to learn how to land the perfect email into their inbox?

BuzzFeed-Style Personality Quizzes

Leveraging answers from personality quizzes will allow you to effectively survey your consumers on a range of interests and personal preferences. Discover everything from their favorite color, to their usual weekend plans. Ask career and “day-in-the-life” questions to match your email timing with their usual screen time. Style and preference questions can also help you customize the design elements of your emails to resonate with different consumer types.

Product Knowledge, Sampling, Etc.

Capturing information on which products were of interest to consumers, which things they actually tried and their feedback will allow you to tailor email content to directly suit their personal needs. Learning which products and features are of interest to consumers will allow you to send offers and digital coupons via email, which leads to higher open and click rates.

Station Check-Ins

In a larger footprint, offering different check-in stations will allow you to gauge a consumers interest in your brand, as well as the types of products and things that attract them. This information can be translated directly into email marketing strategies. Align your future email communication with their interests onsite, and they will be more likely to find your content relevant to their lifestyle and interests.

Consumer Generated Content

Experiential marketers have been using HTML email delivery to send consumer generated content for years. Sending people their own photos, videos and other content is a very solid way to get that first email open. There are several ways marketers can leverage this post-event email to encourage higher interaction rates with future email campaigns. Consider pairing consumer’s content with branded content and relevant product information.

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