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The Super Bowl 50 Experience

As most of you probably know, the Super Bowl is the premiere sporting event in the United States. What you may not know though, unless you’ve been to it, is the NFL Experience is perhaps more fun than the game!

Held in downtown San Francisco, in and around the famed Moscone Center, the NFL Experience is pro football’s interactive theme park. Starting the Sunday before Super Bowl 50, the world’s biggest brands joined forces to put on a show for avid fans. From interactive games to photo marketing and video marketing campaigns, the NFL experience had something exciting for everyone.

Upon arriving to the site, consumers were prompted to download the Super Bowl 50 app. After a quick registration, an option page within the app allowed you to see the different sponsor experiences around the footprint. A unique QR Code was also generated to allow for seamless sponsor check-ins. This component replaced the need for an RFID bracelet or print-out with a unique code.

The first experience I attended was Papa John’s, which also just happened to include MoZeus Worldwide technology. Of course I wanted to see our work first! The digital marketing solution we provided to Papa John’s leveraged the Microsoft Kinect platform. Using proprietary code written by MoZeus, we were able to trace out the consumer and place them on a digital background of their choice. It was essentially green screen without green screen! After taking the photo, an email was sent directly to me using the registration information already embedded in the QR code within the Super Bowl 50 app.

Following the activation, the SB50 app recognized my involvement and gave me credit, as illustrated in the picture. It also clearly showcased what I had left to do, which was very cool and helpful. Prior to the event, I was a little bit weary of having to download an app to check-in to sponsored footprints but I couldn’t have been more wrong! While we may see more mobile microsites versus apps in the future (to help properties or brands eliminate expensive RFID bracelets), we undoubtedly will see more activations leveraging the consumer’s smart phone. I saw several consumers downloading the app and the numbers at the Papa John’s footprint certainly supported consumer buy-in.

Overall, the Super Bowl experience was a really good one. Several prominent brands like Under Armour, Wilson and Microsoft had engaging footprints with fun interactives. What was my best take-away? A custom Wilson football with MoZeus Worldwide engraved. Only $189 and just a ten minute wait!

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