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March Madness 2018: Digital Engagement Thought Starters

March Madness is quickly approaching and like many others across the country, I am anxiously awaiting the brackets, the smack-talking and the notable upsets as 68 teams battle it out for the coveted title as NCAA Champs. Every year this event garners attention from die-hard fans as friends, neighbors, even co-workers congregate in the hopes of seeing their alma mater emerge on top. Because so much passion revolves around this tournament, companies should be seizing the opportunity to offer users unique engagements that take their March Madness experience to an entirely new level. Here are four ways to translate the March Madness passion into relevant and meaningful engagements for your users.

1. digital face paint

Want to go to the game but don’t have time? For the many of us who can’t attend games throughout the tournament, this is a great way to ‘virtually’ support your team. Instead of changing your profile pic on Facebook, slap on some digital face paint and pretend you’ve been transported to the game to get the full March Madness experience. There’s no better way to show your school spirit and it’ll have everyone in your network jealous of your itch-free, painted face.


2. face-activated games

Nothing beats playing a game on your phone, especially if you have to utilize facial expressions to win! Face-activated games have become increasingly popular as facial recognition becomes a staple in technological updates. Rainbrow, a game developed by Nathan Gitter, tracks the motion of your eyebrows as you attempt to collect as many stars as possible by furrowing and raising your brows. Providing a basketball-themed, face-activated game can be enjoyed by fans of all ages, whether they play while waiting in line for concessions or during a commercial break.


3. augmented reality

Practice your skills off the court with this fun, interactive augmented reality game that brings the hoop to you! Not only can you fully immerse yourself into the #MarchMadness lifestyle, but you can showcase your newfound skills and hard work online with your social network. The NCAA could go as far as adding teams’ logos to the game to provide fans with a tangible take-away from their ‘virtual’ experience.


4. Customizable animojis

These 3D animated emojis available to Apple’s iPhone X users utilize it’s TrueDepth camera capabilities to map your exact head turns and facial movements. Choose your favorite NCAA team and record some good ol’ fashioned smack talk as the animated mascot of said team, a nice little tidbit to share with friends during the tournament. Final clips can be saved directly into one’s camera roll for instant sharing over and over again.

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