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Snap Chat on Location: Using Animated Filters for the Ultimate Photo Booth Experience

We use photos as a way toImage-1 preserve and share our memories. Over time, the process has changed but the sentiment is still the same. Animated filters take the action of capturing a photo and turn it into a memorable experience. Face swap apps are more about the action and laughs during the process, than they are about the final photo delivered.

When brands are trying to attract consumers into their footprint at an event, they need to create an engagement that “looks fun”. People will line up to pay for a photo booth because they see others enjoying themselves.

Millennials and iGens will spend hours taking photos with the animated filters that change out daily. Not all those photos will be posted to their story, or even sent to friends. Sometimes the joy is just in reviewing the photo, changing the video to slow-motion. Laughing at the “chipmunk voices” when the video is sped up. Here at MoZeus, our goal with animated filters is to go beyond the final photo, and work towards creating a genuinely fun experience for consumers at events.

Not only can we put masks, hats, glasses and face paint onto the faces of consumers… we can do it in such a way that it creates a memorable brand experience for each person. Whether this is offering filters for all six people in the photo, or surprising the consumer with a filter after the photo is taken. We believe that when it comes to this different style of photo, the experience and delivery need to be different too.

If you are interested in learning more about our animated filter options, don’t hesitate to fill out a form on the website, or give us a call! 1-888-YMOZEUS

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