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My First Day at MoZeus Worldwide – Ellina Edition

My very first internship- yikes.

The experience can be petrifying if you, like me, have watched several movies in which mean boss ladies dressed in Prada instruct their 20-something interns to get them the perfect order of a Cappuccino… or else. Fortunately, my first day was nothing like this. The MoZeus Worldwide family made me feel right at home. I was even welcomed with a hug and a couple of GIFs in the team’s group chat. There’s a strong sense of humor among everyone here, not to mention everybody’s super open to helping us interns out. They also bring their dogs to work, which can really only make things better. Having the opportunity to intern for the marketing department is awesome beyond words, but I definitely have a lot to learn.

As a rising senior in high school, I can confirm that the workplace is quite different from the school environment. I’m used to being surrounded by teachers and parents, but being the only human under 18, (did I mention there are dogs here?!) can be a bit overwhelming. For example, do I laugh at the work-related jokes even if I have no idea what they mean? Do I ask questions even if the answer seems completely obvious to someone with more experience? Do I write a blog post in which I admit that I have little experience?

The answer is yes. Questions are a vital component of learning, so even if they make you look stupid, ask them anyway. It’ll benefit you when you’re sitting in your office, like I am right now, completing my assignments. And admitting that you don’t know as much as the actual employees is probably no big deal considering, well, that they’ve probably earned a college degree in their fields and have been working for longer than I’ve been in high school.

That leads into the next difference between internships and high school: offices! Although most workplaces don’t offer personal offices for their interns, MoZeus does, which is why my internship is better than yours. Just kidding. Not really. It’s just a really nice break from sitting at one of 30 desks in a room with one teacher at the front and a bunch of other teenagers in the back.

There’s also a clear contrast between classroom lectures and a hands-on job experience like this, which I am 100% looking forward to. My marketing supervisors, Megan and Megan, are making it pretty easy for me to settle in here and get a solid grasp of all my tasks. Being able to actually produce content that’s going further than my teacher’s desk is something that I know will motivate me to do my best work. And I know that if I ever get lost, the other, older and cooler intern, Rachel, will be at my assistance. Thanks to all 3 of you in advance.

The point is, my first day at MoZeus has been exceptionally cool, interesting and intimidating all in one. I’m sure it’ll be an experience I’ll never forget, and I’ll definitely learn a lot about social media, data collection, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and much more. So much better than calculus!

I’m beyond excited to get to know everyone here and become immersed in the world of experiential marketing!


Ellina BermanEllina Berman, one of MoZeus' summer interns, is a senior at Atlanta International School. She's working in our marketing department and is ready to contribute to our awesome team!