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Atlanta, GA – Mar. 01, 2013-MoZeus Worldwide, a global leader in marketing technologies and mobile content management, is pleased to announce that it’s eclipsed the 50 MILLION milestone for consumer data points collected on Android and Apple mobile devices.  MoZeus Inc., founded in 2010 by Scott Sheppard and Charles Jones, created the critically acclaimed SMART Activator, the most used brand marketing app in the world.  The 3-year old company has been on a fast track since inception, having worked with over 400 brands and more than 75 different marketing agencies.

Inventing cutting-edge technology platforms that enable brands to operate more efficiently and communicate with consumers is nothing new for Sheppard, the agency’s President and CTO.  In 2008, Sheppard sold his company, WebVMC, to Intel and then directed his attention to MoZeus.  “I knew early on there was a tremendous opportunity to leverage Android and Apple in a marketing capacity.  We feel our platform offers a perfect mix for every brand, small or large.  To reach the 50 MILLION mark so quickly is humbling.  A lot of hard work went into the SMART Activator.”

To date, MoZeus has collected more than 50 million data points and 15+ million unique leads on the SMART Activator platform. Notable clients and properties that utilize MoZeus include Ford, Verizon, Coca-Cola, Comcast, AT&T, Beam Global, Cover Girl, Porsche, Nissan, Harley Davidson, Taylor Swift, Pink, among many others.

“We’re definitely looking forward to continuing what’s been a very fast start in 2013.  We’re launching new programs every day for current clients as well as new ones.  What’s important right now is that we continue to service our customers while continually keeping our eye on what’s next.  We pride ourselves on our pace of innovation.  You have to in the mobile space,” added Sheppard.

For more information on MoZeus Worldwide or to learn more about the SMART Activator platform, please or call 1-888-YMOZEUS (966-9387).
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