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Atlanta, GA – Mar. 27, 2013-MoZeus Worldwide, a global leader in marketing technologies and mobile content management, is pleased to announce that a MoZeus-Europe Division will open in the coming months. MoZeus, creators of the critically acclaimed SMART Activator, has already worked on four different continents, including Asia, North America, Europe and Australia. Thanks in large part to the platform’s ability to run on virtually any Android or iOS device in the world, MoZeus is well positioned to build on its enormous early success in the United States. The 3-year old company has been on a fast track since inception, having worked with more than 400 brands and more than 75 different marketing agencies.

MoZeus is currently reviewing several locations for their European headquarters. The United Kingdom, Germany and France are the leading choices at this time. “Having recently sent over a few key executives to London in the past month to further investigate the landscape in the UK, London is probably the most likely destination for us at this point,” said Scott Sheppard, President of MoZeus Worldwide. “That said, we have not ruled out Germany or France because of the size of their economies and what they represent. Regardless of which location we settle on, we feel we’re extremely well positioned to build upon the early success we’ve had internationally and work across Europe for years to come.”

To date, MoZeus has collected more than 50 million data points and 15+ million unique leads on the SMART Activator platform. Notable clients and properties that utilize MoZeus include Ford, Verizon, Coca-Cola, Comcast, AT&T, Beam Global, Cover Girl, Porsche, Nissan, Harley Davidson, Taylor Swift and Pink, among many others.

“As I have said before, being able to partner with iconic personalities like Taylor Swift early on gave us great confidence. Activating on her partner’s behalf in places like Australia and New Zealand put us in a position to explore other opportunities on a global perspective. Worldwide is part of our company’s name for a reason,” added Sheppard.

For more information on MoZeus Worldwide or to learn more about the SMART Activator platform, please visit or call 1-888-YMOZEUS (966-9387).
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