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MoZeus Hires Abraham Green as Enterprise Business Development Executive [Q&A]


MoZeus is pleased to announce the appointment of Abraham Green as Enterprise Business Development Executive. Abraham brings to MoZeus a depth of experience driving strategic direction and growth among enterprise clients, within the experiential marketing industry and beyond. Abraham’s leadership, expertise and personal passion make him a perfect fit to uncover new opportunities that help clients solve their toughest engagement marketing challenges.

What inspires you about experiential technology?

Modern brands are constantly striving to resonate with their consumers in ways that influence engagement, evoke emotional connection and inspire action. When I first got into this industry over a decade ago, measuring ROI for this type of marketing was not an easy feat. How many people participated in the product demo? What was their opinion after? What social media channels saw the most content sharing? What was the average dwell time? How many of each prize were given out?  

The infusion of technology within the experiential space has given marketers like myself new, quantitative ways to articulate the deeper impact and insights that can be extracted from an audience’s experience. Whether tracking a consumer’s journey around a footprint, or offering a one-of-a-kind photo engagement, there’s no doubt that experiential technology empowers brands to deliver more dazzling and customized experiences than ever before.

What makes MoZeus different from other experiential agencies?

Their vision; their roadmap. Not only does MoZeus have a great agency history and demonstrated success, but I was really drawn to their innovative presence. The way their platform is built – to continuously evolve, integrate and grow as trends emerge – is the reason brands continue to leverage MoZeus technology to accelerate meaningful connections.


What do you look forward to most about transitioning from an enterprise account manager into a business development role?

I’m excited to bring my industry-specific expertise in growing/nurturing global brands and combining it with MoZeus’ extensive capabilities and accomplished leadership team to drive new growth in key markets, industries, etc.

I’m truly passionate about meeting people, hearing their stories, understanding their pain points and finding innovative solutions to their business problems. Some fresh perspective, along with the many qualities of an enterprise account manager (e.g., patience, foresight, communication skills, etc.) is my secret sauce to thriving as a business development executive here at MoZeus.

From the time you started, how have the tactics brands use to engage consumers evolved, and what would you like to see more of in the future?

The lines have definitely blurred between consumer engagement touchpoints across marketing channels (in-person, email, social media, etc.). Everything is connected; everything talks to each other. Consumers don’t just want, but expect, totally seamless and on-demand experiences, no matter the complexity involved in delivering them. If I’m at an event and I see Verizon has an awesome footprint experience, and I’m already a current Verizon customer, the last thing I want to do is fill out data I know they already have just to participate.

In the future, I’d love to see brands utilize the valuable data extracted from experiential efforts in new, out-of-the-box ways. Consumer insights from one campaign should be utilized in broader campaigns and so forth – which is much easier when those insights across devices and interactions are consolidated under one roof.

Tell us about your professional philosophy.

I’d have to go with: “one size does not fit all”. I believe every client, every project, and every campaign is unique. Understanding who your audience is, how they want to be reached and what drives them to act is essential to implementing strategic solutions that drive successful outcomes.       

What are you passionate about outside of the office?

I’m most passionate about music and soccer. A good melody can set my mood for the day and bring me to a happy place – while getting up early on a Saturday morning to do some animated cheering for the Gunners (Arsenal FC).  



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