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Mother’s Day: No Longer Just For Cards and Flowers

There was a time before the Internet and Social Media (Pinterest, Facebook), when an in-person visit with Mom was the perfect gift she was looking for.  It was presence…not presents.  But then along came 1-800-Flowers and suddenly the in-person visit was not as prevalent to celebrate Mom.  I mean, flowers delivered are the same as delivering flowers personally.

Alas, we’ve evolved from flowers, chocolates and cards.  Now, Mommas want the Experience.  Consider that experiential gifts like spa days and restaurant meals are gaining increasing favor and appeal (shoppers are spending more of their discretionary income on experiences that deliver lived moments, from a restaurant meal to a theater outing, rather than on material things, and Moms are no different).

And the day is becoming more and more of a retail holiday:  Mother’s Day shoppers will ring up an average of $186.39, up from $172.22 in 2016, as total spending is estimated to reach $23.6 billion, according to the National Retail Forecast (NRF).

The NRF further states that this year, more Moms (28%) said they’d like the “gifts of experience” for Mother’s Day, up from 24% last year. Younger consumers, in particular, are thinking along those gift-giving lines, with nearly half of shoppers under the age of 35 planning to give Mom an experience-style present, the survey found.

Is it a sign of the times (Millennials and their opt for experiences over material items), or is it the voice of Mothers (demanding) more memorable and engaging gifts?  Further, will this new trend catch on with Dads (with Father’s Day around the corner and the predictable purchases of ties, socks and cologne looming).  Time will shortly tell…

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