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HOW TO: Grab A Millennial’s Attention As A Brand [PHOTOS]

As a 23 year old that just graduated college, people are constantly trying to label me as either a young millennial or a generation Z. Either way, the name generally refers to someone with the attention span of a gnat. I’m here to tell you that isn’t (necessarily) true. Call my squad what you want, but I like to think we’re actually very in-tune to what we think is important. We grew up hyper-connected, tech-savvy, and very impatient; making us professionals at filtering out meaningless social content we deem irrelevant. Because of this so-called “8-second-filter”, understanding how to capture consumers like myself’s attention is harder than ever for brands.

The fact is, the way we communicate is totes unconventional. I never really had to face this realization until I started life in the “real world” this past January. Working at MoZeus, the employee age gap is pretty wide. Those on the higher end of that gap do not know what you’re talking about when half your vocabulary consists of acronyms… WTF? I swear, to some people I may as well be using Morse code. But when you grow up with multiple screens at your disposal, finding faster ways to communicate is a norm. Let’s face it, talking on the phone is for old people.


While it may seem near impossible for brands to build relationships this way, I’m here to tell you there’s hope. We do pay attention, but you have to do things on our terms. I’ve noticed that brands are often really formal with their communication, which doesn’t necessarily resonate with me. When something doesn’t seem authentic I’ll scroll right past and never look back. Yes, numerous screens constantly at our fingertips means content is limitless, but remember that time is most definitely not. So my advice is to spend time not only understanding WHO your audience is, but more importantly HOW you communicate and converse with them in order to build the best connection possible!

Below you’ll find a “Millennial Dictionary” for the old folks.

millennial dictionary

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