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First Day at MoZeus Worldwide – Rachel Edition

As most of you may know interning can be one of the most daunting experiences a student or graduate can go through. However not all experiences are alike. Myself for example landed an amazing opportunity to intern in the marketing department here at MoZeus Worldwide and I am beyond excited to get started. First days can be tough and chuck full of anxiety but luckily for me… not so much. Here are a few highlights of my first day as a MoZeus intern:

1. Workplace environment

Not only is the staff so welcoming and friendly but the building/facility is awesome. It’s very light hearted and casual with splashes of Star Wars references here and there. As you walk in the first thing you see is a 7-foot Dead Pool statue situated over the fountain. A huge kitchen and the ping pong table complement the space very nicely as well. But the best part of it all… I GET MY OWN OFFICE! Not a cubicle (no shade y’all, no shade) but a real office! Complete with a roomy desk and a desktop computer. I feel official to say the least.

2. First hand experience

Of course we did the usual intern orientation duties like touring the facility & meeting the employees. I must say my favorite part of the day was being able to sit in during a couple of the marketing meetings. I will admit a good amount of what was being discussed was completely foreign to me, but thats to be expected right? It gave me a different perspective on MoZeus’ role of being a solutions-based technology partner. Specifically outside of our small marketing department and how we work hand-in-hand with other departments to ensure our clients objectives are met and exceeded. There’s so much to learn in the next 2 months!



3. Roles & expectations

As an intern you can expect to do some tasks that are a bit out of the ordinary. No, I didn’t have to make a coffee run or do any errands, but it was picture day for the company and guess who was behind the camera? You guessed it! It was a pretty unexpected but fun first assignment. I’m really excited about the range of assignments and experimenting with new skills, especially blogging and getting reacquainted with my graphic design skills.

4. Marketing Squad

Shoutout to my supervisors Megan & Megan (aka Stewie and Jr) and my fellow intern Ellina. I’m super excited to learn and work with this team and I can already tell that we are gonna be #squadgoals for Summer 2017!


5. Dogs

It is literally Bring Your Dog to Work Day everyday here. It’s great… Maybe not for any of you cat lovers but you get my drift. There are two in my office right as I type but I’m sure they’ll leave if I make any sudden moments towards my camera.


Thanks again to the MoZeus team for this awesome opportunity. It’s a major privilege to be an intern here and I am ecstatic to be surrounded by these passionate individuals, absorb all their knowledge, and Do Epic Shit!


Katie WalkerKatie is the Creative Marketing Coordinator and a recent Georgia Tech grad. She is the resident cat-lover and can usually be found with a book in hand.