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Experiential ‘Game’ Changers

What makes branded games so powerful?

With an average engagement rate of 86-90% (CMO), interactive games provide a non-intrusive, non-interruptive way to grab your consumers’ attention…and keep it.

When executed successfully, engaging audiences with the use of interactive games is proven to put people in a “flow” state between frustration and boredom – a mental state that facilitates extremely ideal conditions for learning, motivating and influencing (Learnovate Centre).

DID YOU KNOW: 68% of millennials (age 18-34) report playing games online at least once per day (American Press Institute).


How can they help your brand?

Besides intrinsically motivating consumers to engage directly with your brand, interactive games have the power to entertain, inform and educate – resulting in increased brand recognition, awareness and loyalty.

When consumers are so focused on achieving goals, competing with others and having fun they become totally immersed in the brand narrative without even realizing it.


4 ways to boost your game-driven engagements

Challenges & Competition

Competition is an immediate draw to a game, and reinforces the desire to participate. Whether they’re trying to beat-the-buzzer, be crowned trivia champion or collect points by scanning-in to as many sponsored footprints as possible, giving consumers a challenge facilitates deeper focus and a greater ambition to win.


Integrating with live leaderboards is another effective way to help drive interaction and turn your digital (or physical) games into something more compelling. The desire to be recognized evokes a sense of empowerment and accomplishment, and encourages longer dwell time and some fun, exciting competition (Who doesn’t love bragging rights?!).

Everyone enjoys being praised for their achievements, especially among friends. Using social media to share scores and challenge friends will add to the excitement, amplify your reach and broaden your exposure.


Receiving badges, points or new opportunities to unlock tailored content will incentivize consumers to engage longer and most of all, keep them motivated. But we all know the only thing better than a challenge is the reward at the end of it. Giving away instant freebies, digital coupons and other fun swag offers an immediate incentive to play, because you know who loves free stuff? Everybody.


The proof is in the data – and fortunately, being able to track, measure and quantify experiences is no longer the huge hurdle it used to be for brands. The key to capturing data at both a higher quantity and quality lies in the digital experience. Choosing the right platform, setting the right incentives and identifying key objectives from point of plan will help turn your game’s high engagement rate into an even higher conversion rate.

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