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What can you expect from a photo marketing program if you’ve never done one before? For one thing, the level of complexity is up to you. MoZeus has a lot of options that you can add with very little extra work. Photo and video green screen are very popular. Also, our scratch-off and spin to win games can be easily re-skinned for your brand. Of course, you can also develop custom games if that’s in your scope. Whatever the app, your designers can create the visuals while working with our team to ensure that it’s in-line with technology specifications.

Now that you’ve got the consumer excited, what can you expect to get from it? We often send e-mails or MMS to the consumer immediately with their incentive to save and share. They post to Facebook and Twitter, with your message and hashtag included. You can also expect actionable data collection using out intuitive forms. Data (responses and selections) is all instantly available via MoZeus’ secure dashboard. One benefit of our experiential programs is the recent and actionable data you will collect.

MoZeus has been developing event apps for over five years and we have catered to over five hundred companies. Some of our clients are Toyota, Lexus, Harley-Davidson, AT&T, Bud Light, and Puma. We apply the same quality and detail to small programs as large programs. Before each event, you will receive training and tech support. That is what makes our event app, The Smart Activator, the one app that does it all.

Make your next event stand out with MoZeus’ photo and video marketing. Advance customer relations with our data collection solutions. Leverage social media networks with the Social Activator. Contact MoZeus to do experiential marketing the way it should be done.