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Don’t Let What Happened At Your Event Stay At Your Event

With 72% of millennials saying they will increase their spending on experiences rather than physical things this year, it’s a no brainer why brands are focusing their efforts on experiential events (Harris Group). Capturing the attention of this increasingly fractured and distracted audience can be difficult, especially when your goal is to stay top of mind long after your event is over. Think about it like this – if you spend all your marketing efforts to plant the brand “seed” during the event, but fail to continuously revisit it afterwards, it’s not likely to grow. Fail.

Here are 3 tips that will extend the life of your event:

Create a community

This may seem obvious to some, but creating a community around your event will significantly boost post-event engagement. One way to accomplish this is to encourage inclusion and participation from those who couldn’t make it, because let me tell you: FOMO is a real disease among millennials. Definition below.

Calm this fear by creating new opportunities for them to participate in. Offer social contests, instant win games, online leaderboards, photo engagements, etc. to expand your reach. Delivering experiences that go beyond your event and wrap up afterwards will connect and resonate with consumers in a lasting, meaningful way.

Speak their language

Apps are dead. I repeat: Apps are DEAD. No one wants to download an event app that they’re just going to delete in less than 48 hours!

Utilizing points of entry that align with your core audience is essential to both your event and post-event success. Mobile web apps and Facebook bots make engaging, informing and staying connected seamless. Web apps open directly in your browser, and look and act exactly like a normal app…without the permanent real-estate on your iPhone. #Blessed.

Event or brand specific Facebook Bots provide a more natural way to engage and inform –through conversational instant-messaging. Whereas apps dictate the rules of engagement, bots give consumers complete control to drive their own experience, charting a path to relentless brand relevance and post-event communication. Bots are taking advantage of millennial’s always-on mentality and solidifying technology’s role in building modern brand relationships.

Long live bots.

“Pic or it didn’t happen”

If you went to Coachella and didn’t post to Instagram…did you really even go? The answer is absolutely not. We now live in a society where word of mouth no longer comes out of your actual mouth…but out of your device.

Adding a social component that aligns with the passions of your core audience is imperative to the virality of your event. These immersive, value-driven activations that tap into your audience’s emotions will always find their way to social media.

Continue to elevate your reach by extending your event engagements to the consumer’s own device. This taps into millennials’ demand for instant gratification, puts them in complete control, and inspires endless user-generated content. In a self-driven world, delivering a unique, share-worthy experience tailored to each individual will increase social shares and amplify your intended noise long after your event is over (#TBT).

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