Lexus partnered with Mozeus to activate their sponsorship for the 2014 United States Open. MoZeus developed an RFID solution for the beautiful Lexus entertainment pavilion that included a full registration process enabling Lexus to capture valuable consumer data for follow-up marketing purposes.

Digital Data Collection • Front-Facing Kiosk • Photo & Video Marketing • RFID Check-In

A double eagle digital engagement!

Upon registering, consumers were able to enter the Pavilion and check into several different areas including a photo marketing station where you could pose with the US Open Trophy.   MoZeus built a robust, front facing kiosk using Windows software enabling quick thru-put and high quality, social-media-worthy photos.  Another popular station within the footprint was a video marketing kiosk where you could reenact the famous winning putt by Payne Stewart at the 1999 US Open at Pinehurst.  Both the photos and videos were emailed to the consumer in real-time.

In addition to the photo marketing and video marketing solutions, MoZeus designed a leaderboard to post scores for a virtual hole in one contest.  Lastly, outside the Pavilion, scattered across the grounds, MoZeus designed water and sun-resistant kiosks armed with RFID check-in technology and instant win games.  Lucky winners were prompted to return to the Pavilion to the prize redemption area within the footprint.