The BUD LIGHT Up For Whatever campaign has inspired millions of consumers to engage with the brand in a positive and light-hearted way. BUD LIGHT partnered with MoZeus to handle several components of their award-winning campaign.

Digital Data Collection • Video & Photo Marketing • Consumer Tracking • Interactive Kiosks

Take me to Catalina Island!

MoZeus built video testimonial software on iPads for 500+ brand ambassadors to use in bars and restaurants across the United States. We also built a website for consumers to upload their own videos. The submitted videos were 15 second clips of consumers explaining why they are “Up For Whatever.” MoZeus integrated a rating tool within the App for the brand ambassadors to judge the overall performance of the participant, which allowed BUD LIGHT personnel to quickly review the best candidates.

At the end of the 6-month campaign, BUD LIGHT selected 1000 winners to spend the weekend on Catalina Island for their 2015 annual “Up For Whatever weekend”.

On Catalina Island, MoZeus supplied “Selfie Kiosks” strategically placed around the footprint to promote social sharing. Consumers scanned their RFID wristband and were prompted to select either a Photo, Animated GIF, or Slow Motion Video. The end results were terrific and the social media impressions generated helped BUD LIGHT provide even more ROI to their awardwinning campaign.