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How Pursuing Conformity Can Be Silly, but Will Sometimes Reward Us with Harmony

Styles and fashions… memes and trends. Sometimes it’s as easy as re-Tweeting some content. Sometimes it feels like you’re wringing blood from a stone. To some extent you’re trying to get more for less – but when isn’t that the case? Still, the extent of added value is only as much as is perceived by the end-user. If they disagree with your “contribution” they will probably be looking for a retraction – if not recompensation.

Harmonic Standing WaveHow one arrives at the “it” factor is the result of conceptual titration. Sure, you can get lucky at times and chance upon success. But odds are that your progress is the result of lots of little things which add up. Innovations often crop up simultaneously under different circumstances. One might say that the evolution of ideas is driven by our desire to improve and not be complacent.

Homophones are like this, and combining them can be droll. Many a wayward article has brought together disparate elements for lack of greater substance. Afrikaans “nie” is derived from Dutch “niet”, meaning “not a thing”. NIE (National Intelligence Estimates) are the authoritative assessments on intelligence related to a particular national security issue. A NIE is also a newly industrializing economy. So, in Afrikaans, we could say “Die NIE op die NIE is nie gereed nie.” Does that amount to a style, after a fashion?

For long you live and high you fly
But only if you ride the tide
And balanced on the biggest wave
You race towards an early grave.
— Pink Floyd

Kurt PachingerI am a scrappy lil upstart with a limited ability to predict how that affects others. My growing appreciation for coffee and rummage sales came at a price.