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5 Holiday Engagements

The Holidays are around the corner, and while we swerve our way through painful traffic and hoards of holiday shoppers, brands are seizing the opportunity to get our attention, and at times even spread a little holiday cheer. Here are some great holiday engagements from the ghost-of-activations-past.



Candy Pawn Shop Pop-UP

The Skittles Holiday Pawn Shop was a four-day pop-up event held in Toronto that acted as a pawn shop for those gifts you were going to re-gift, but instead of cash you received a whole bunch of skittles! The pop-up sop was supported by a YouTube campaign featuring the fictitious owner.

What happened to the gifts you traded in for your little taste of the rainbow? Items were donated to the Goodwill ReUse Center in Scarborough. Now that’s some holiday spirit.


Digital Christmas Countdown

The Body Shop created a countdown calendar called ’24 Days of Happiness,’ which was also used as a sweepstakes activation where you could win “feel-good treats.”

The cosmetics company installed this countdown in form of a touchscreen with a digital ribbon on-screen. To interact with the display, consumers have the chance to trace the screen, as if to unwrap the bow, and uncover prizes like afternoon tea at The Ritz, shopping sprees, tickets to the theater and of course, a number of gifts from The Body Shop itself.

Life Sized Piano Tablets

Samsung created a digital piano out of nothing but its Galaxy Tab S2 device. This activation showed some unexpected features of the tablet, other than boring email, photo and app use.

Samsung used over 100 Galaxy Tab S2 devices to create a life-size piano. To reflect the tablets strength and sophistication, Samsung enlisted classically-trained pianist Myleene Klass to play Christmas carols on the digital devices.

Festively Personalized Spreads

For the holidays this year, Marmite introduced a pop-up shop that’s giving out personalized products jars to consumers.

Over the past year or so, the brand has been running a campaign that involved having people choose between limited-edition jars labeled after either Love or Hate. In this same theme, the public can now choose to personalize jars with a name and decide whether this person has been naughty or nice.

Greeting Card Trucks

Other than birthdays, graduations and other special moments throughout the year, Christmas is one of the most popular times for sending out greeting cards—with this in mind, Hallmark set up a festive holiday truck.

With a mobile truck serving as a pop-up store, the brand was successful at reaching consumers over the holidays in an inventive way. More than 1,300 greeting cards were sent across Canada with the aid of this Hallmark Canada truck, which was meant to help people rediscover the emotional meaning and joy of sending someone a thoughtful card.

Since many young consumers are not accustomed to sending physical cards, this branded holiday truck provided a way for Hallmark to introduce the power of these kinds of special greetings.