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4 Benefits of Using Interactive Digital Signage

Many consumers have shifted from the standard personal experience to shopping online – neglecting the use of sales associates or human contact to self-service. It is important to understand and adapt to new ways consumers engage with brands and experiences. Interactive digital signage has many benefits that can engage consumers and actually draw them into your next promotion. Here we have 4 of the most important benefits of using interactive digital signage.

1. No brand ambassador required

With digital signage, brand ambassadors don’t have to personally run the experience. Because the signage runs on its own, ambassadors are able to focus on other elements of the event. Not only does this free up staff, but it also allows consumers to self-serve.

With the introduction of online shopping, the Amazon effect was born. This changed the way consumers interact with brands and other previously human-operated experiences. Consumers prefer this self-service over traditional service.  Because of this, brands need to adapt to this new generation of consumers. They want a quick and easy experience – digital signage can be that quick and easy experience.

2. It’s adaptive

Since it’s all digital, brands are able to leverage video and multiple interactive aspects that aren’t possible with traditional signage. The best part of the adaptivity is that it’s Interactive. Consumers can interact with multiple elements, ultimately engaging consumers in a way that only interactive digital signage can do.

This adaptability allows display changes in multiple locations at the same time and allows changing specific elements of an individual display in an instant. If a consumer isn’t engaging with a specific aspect of the display, you can change it immediately. If consumers are interacting with a separate aspect more than anything else, you can change it to better engage your consumers.  

3. Less Wait Time for consumers

Consumers hate waiting in lines and waiting for assistance. Most consumers won’t even interact with an experience if there is a long wait time. Because interactive signage is able to operate as a stand-alone engagement, consumers are able to experience significantly shorter wait times or no wait times at all.

The last thing you want is for a consumer to not interact with a brand because they had to wait too long. Digital Signage allows for more interactions in less time.  

4. You can track everything

How many consumers interacted with the signage? What did they interact with on the signage? Did they share a photo or GIF? All of these things can be tracked in a way that traditional methods can not capture.

One of the most important aspects of any campaign is analyzing the data and measuring the campaign’s success. For many traditional forms of experiential media, getting those results can be a challenge. Getting specific and trackable data is the most important element in a brand’s campaign.